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Story of my hair...

Thin. Dry. Fried... My hair back in 2013. Not to mention extremely delicate because I was using clipped & glued-on hair extensions. I simply could not go on like this anymore.
I started researching on natural ways to grow hair and found a scientifically proven recipe of essential oils that stimulate hair growth. I started mixing, tweaking and testing with essential oils and by 2014, I had perfected my hair growth formula. My scalp was gratefully absorbing the nutrients it needed to grow and people were noticing. 
At the time, back in 2015 - I was working on 2 startups and traveling to China where pollution and stress were affecting my hair. But, to my surprise, my hair kept growing even in these conditions.
Sometime after in 2016, while on a trip in Bali, I experienced that ah ha moment when I started accepting the journey of personal and professional growth as-a-process. I realized that we get disappointed when we don't see instant results because we live in a world where everything is so instant! Sometimes we need to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and that it is hardly possible to instantly know the end results of our efforts.
Today in 2017, gratefully.co set out to encourage people to care for their hairHair growth, like all sustainable growth, is a process. You just have to start it and keep at it!
gratefully.co was created after many requests to share the secret behind my hair's thickness, and I am so excited to share my passion for all things Growth with you and inspire you every day to be grateful during this journey 🙏
Raphaëlle xox